RFE: Include aliases in mailbox notification message

Is it possible to add a variable to the e-mail notifications (both for new mailboxes and updates) that indicates any "additional email addresses" (aliases) that are associated with the mailbox? My justification is as follows....

I frequently set up new mailboxes with usernames in a standard format (i.e. first initial and last name) but aliases with a more user-friendly format (i.e. first name only). In cases like this, users like to give out the alias as their e-mail address, but when they receive the welcome e-mail, it only indicates the primary e-mail address, not the alias. So, it generates some confusion, since they think the account has not been set up properly.

Also, re: Bug #185, the comment on 12/20/2005 indicated this bug would be fixed in the next Virtualmin build, however it seems it didn't make it into the 3.00 - 3.02 releases. I am running version 3.02 (the latest release at this time), and it still appears to be a problem.

Closed (fixed)