Rotated Apache Logs don't get backed up

Using either the regular "backup virtual servers" or the "virtualman backup-domain" on the command line, the rotated log files don't get backed up, only the current logs.

Kind of a problem if you are moving the domain, or you actually have to use the backup to restore the domain from a crash.



Right now these are intentionally skipped, as they can be quite large, and if you're running AWstats or Webalizer the old logs have already been processed.

Only suggestion that I would make then would be to make that clearer, for dummys like me. The backup screen specifically asks about logs, my brain said "all" your setting means "current"

Alternately, we could include them - did you have a situation in which you needed access to the old logs?

Yep, webalizer lost it's mind, and lost the old data. I moved the domain, never noticed that the old logs didn't come, and since things were (on the surface) working, killed off the old site (I had a backup after all!) Then discovered the webalizer being stupid issue. Could have ran webalizer and caught the missing info pretty easy.

That's why this came up to begin with.

(Joke) Wanna drop things from the backups, the insane mailboxes come to mind... 2 people in 1 domain, no website, just email, and the mail was over 7Gb... But, can't loose that either can I, darn...

I can see this being useful as an option that some users might want to enable - I'll add it to our long-term TODO list.

This has been implemented for inclusion in the next release