how to add users with ssh access

I am wanting to add users to a virtual server but i want them to have ssh access. The admin user has ssh access..i am trying to get additional users ssh access....



Title: how tok add users with ssh access ยป how to add users with ssh access

ok I figured to add their shell to /bin/bash. is there a way to make that the default upon new non-admin user creation?

aha i think i found it..duh..let me check

ok I have to create the users in virt first then goto the system area of webmin and change their shell from /bin/false to /bin/bash or whatever i want.

Howdy -- the way you described does work.

Another option is that when creating a user, you can go into "Other User Permissions".

There, you can set "Login Permissions" to include "SSH".

You may need to add that ability for users who aren't Virtual Server owners.

You can set what shells are used by default by going into System Customization -> Custom Shells, and there you can specify what shells are available to which types of users.