Z-Push Calendar Integration

I have recently installed Z-Push with the pre-built scripts and it is working fine with email and contacts. My issue is however, I can not get my iPhone to pick up the calendar? Do I need to install any further modules or should this work straight after install like email/contacts?




Howdy -- I'm unfortunately not too familiar with with configuring an iPhone to sync a calendar with that.

I Google'd a little bit for others who had similar issues -- here's an example of a Zarafa thread where some folks experienced that.

This may not apply to you directly if you aren't using Zarafa, but I was wondering if any of the troubleshooting steps here offered any help:


Thanks for your help, however I think it's more a CalDav module which is required to facilitate the sync. Do you offer professional support on 3rd party apps?

Unfortunately I don't think any of us have experience setting up that particular app, so we wouldn't be much help in getting that up and running with your iPhone. Sorry!