eGroupware Script Issue

Current Script does not create the backup directory '/var/lib/egroupware/default/backup' which needs to be writable by webserver.

Also eGroupware 16.1 is available as community edition... any chance it will be incorporated?



We haven't had an update of that Install Script since it went commercial, unfortunately. However, we didn't know that a new community version was released.

We'll take a look at that, and see if it will still work as an Install Script.

It wouldn't actually be setting anything up outside the user's home directory, but it may be possible to create/configure a backup directory within the user's own homedir.

I did some further checking and noticed that the directories were created in the home directory, however the setup information was still referencing to the /var/lib/.

Which config file are you seeing /var/lib in ?

Sorry for the late reply... what I meant is that the egroupware conf file points to the default /var/lib/ directory even though the script created the backup directory in the /home/UserID/ folder.

Also I noticed that the eGroupWare install script is based on the scourceforge website which hosts the eGroupWare 14.3 CE edition. eGW uses nowadays github for new releases including the Community Edition.

Odd that the backup dir is incorrect, as Virtualmin calls the installer with it set to a dir under the domain's home. I will update the installer to the latest version from Github though.

Both the files and the backup dirs still have the same issue. It can easily be adjusted manually after the installation, but for people with less eGroupware experience this can be an issue.

Everything else in the script work magnificently. I used the eGroupware 16.1 script and love the simpleness of the installation.