Additional FTP problems (follow-up on task 5516)


I saw that task 5516 was closed, but I've a few questions left:

After reading your excellent reply, I configured the following:

1) Select the domain from the left menu, and go to Edit Mail and FTP Users
2) Create the users you want, making sure their 'Login permisisons' include FTP access

As home directory, I've entered the desired home dir. The directory is then a dir with the loginname within the "public_html" folder.

I then configured "3) As root, go to Limits and Validation ? FTP Directory Restrictions, and add a rule for just this domain which limit's users to the domain's home directory "

I selected "Virtual server's home directory" for only the used virtual server.

But when a user logins now, he automatically is entered into his home dir. But how to get to the general home dir from the virtual server and thus see the home dirs from the other users?


Closed (fixed)