Cannot restore backup

Hi everybody,

I'm new in the systems world, so i'm going to explain the issue.

I'm building a H.A. Cluster with 2 nodes, with Centos 6.8 on both servers, that works so fine, I've Installed Webmin/Virtualmin on both servers too. I've made a full virtual server backup of the node in production of my client (He only had 1 server). Two nodes are in cluster at all the webmin modules, and i get the code that execute the process of synchronize when you click the synchronize button, that synchronize users, groups and all the features between the system, and I make a easy program to do this automatically each time the last process end.

When I try to restore the backup on the master node, it generate a DNS zone and MYSQL syntax errors, in fact of this, users and groups do not appear in the virtual server, but the system create the domain, after this i use vim to edit the /var/named/*******.hosts and add the zone to solve the issue, and run the restore again, but this time i let unchecked MYSQL and one option of DNS, this create without problems the virtual server, with users, groups, files.

My problem is, when i try to restore the second node I've done the same method and i get this error

a clash was detected : The DNS domain *******.com is already hosted by your DNS server

Can anyone help me to solve this?



Howdy -- that's an excellent question you have there... unfortunately though, the area here is for folks using Virtualmin Pro, or those who purchased a support incident.

As it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL, you'd actually want to ask your question in the Forums, which you can access using the Forums link above. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!