RoundCube is showing 1.1.5 but I can install as 1.2.0

In my Virtualmin interface RoundCube and phpMyAdmin both have new versions reported 1.2.0 and 4.6.1. I upgraded first phpMyAdmin to 4.6.1 then I went back to upgrade RoundCube. Pretty strange it shows now only 1.1.5. I went into Install Un-supported Version and installed RoundCube 1.2.0 without any issues. In section Installed Scripts RoundCube appears as Status = Newer than latest.

Please fix RoundCube installation to 1.2.0 directly from Available Scripts.



Virtualmin is already supporting Roundcube 1.2.1 and phpMyAdmin 4.6.3 though.

Make sure you have automatic script installer updates enabled though, at System Settings -> Script Installers -> Installer Updates.

Script installer updates section never changed before. - Download script updates? = Yes - Scripts to include = All available

Script Summary section shows now: RoundCube = Versions 1.2.1 is available phpMyAdmin = Version 4.6.3 is available

I un-installed both scripts then in Install Scripts section shows the latest versions. I was able to install them both.

I checked other installations and the same issues. Only after visiting the section you mentioned and CLICKING ON SAVE BUTTON the new versions appeared for installation. Could you please check if this step is automatically done by Virtualmin or do I have to SAVE it after every installation?

Update: Another 2 installation, clicking on Save button I was allowed to see the new versions!

Unless for some reason the cron job to update available script versions isn't running, the new versions should be picked up automatically.