Starting/stop service: "Error: No space left on device"

Hello I have moved all websites from old server CentOS 6.8 to new server on CentOS 7 Few days all was fine, today I make a changes in httpd.conf & trying to restart the Apache. I get this kind off message:

systemctl restart httpd.service Error: No space left on device but Apache is works

Then I tryed to restart another services like fail2ban, proftpd etc. & I get same error message: systemctl restart proftpd.service Error: No space left on device

So I stack with "starting/stop service: "Error: No space left on device" " This is can be permission problem in /var/log/ ???

Little help please Thanks in advance



This issue resolved, maybe this will be useful for users:

By default, Linux only allocates 8192 watches for inotify, which is ridiculously low. And when it runs out, the error is also No space left on device, which may be confusing if you aren't explicitly looking for this issue.

Here we see evidence of a problem:

tail: inotify resources exhausted

Raise this value with the appropriate sysctl:

Add this to /etc/sysctl.conf fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 262144

and then run sysctl -p

systemctl restart httpd.service systemctl restart proftpd.service

All is OK now

Howdy -- ah, a good find, thanks for letting us know how you fixed it!