How do I enable password recovery for Usermin email users?


How do I enable password recovery for Usermin users who forget their email passwords? I can't seem to find it...

-- Craig



Try installing the password recovery plugin with : yum install wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery

How to do this on Ubuntu 14.04 setup ?

You can use this on Ubuntu:

apt-get install webmin-virtualmin-password-recovery

webmin-virtualmin-password-recovery package doesnt exist in repos

E: Unable to locate package webmin-virtualmin-password-recovery

It requires authentication to download from the URL you mentioned. I have a Ubuntu 64bit. Could that be the reason ?

Do you have a Virtualmin Pro licence? The URL is protected with your serial and licence key.

Yeah you can use your Virtualmin serial number as the username, and the key as the password.

It looks like there's an issue where that package isn't in all the repos for some reason.

However, it's no problem to install that on your 64 bit system, as all the packages are the same.

No, I am using GPL version. I tried setting up a new VPS with Ubuntu 14.04.5 (64bit) on digitalocean and even that doesnt seem to have the package. I think this is not Pro only feature as it available on CentOS7 GPL install.

I highly doubt this is intentional, but upon further investigation, it doesn't appear to be in the GPL repo's for Ubuntu or Debian.

I'll pass this along to Joe, so he can take a closer look.

Thanks for letting us know!

I was just asking if it was Pro only ? You guys are doing an awesome job providing such a good software for free. I can never even think of doubting your intensions. Will try to buy Pro when I can.

I'm just glad you noticed, no one had pointed that out previously... thanks for the heads up! I've mentioned this to Joe so that he can review what the issue is.