virtualmin shared calendar


I am sure this has been debated and even discussed in the past. But as a small team of 5 people .. we are really struggling to manage shared calendars / sysned meetings across devices / systems using free mail server postfix/Dovecot.

Basically what i am asking is, if there is a documented and well working way to have the above in the virtualmin arena. there are lot of information available on the internet but they are either incomplete or totally are refering to solutions like Zimbra, etc.

Experience people, please pitch in.. I will be saving so much time and effort, if i can get a synced meeting / shared calendar functionality.. with open source solution.

Thanks, Rohit.



Howdy -- yeah the "Across devices" thing is where it gets tricky.

I do believe you can do all that with Zimbra, though at least in the past that required purchasing the paid version of it. The free version only supported a web interface.

You could always take a peek at the Z-Push Install Script. I have not personally used it, but it implements the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, for sync'ing calendars, contacts, and email.

Me personally -- the place I use a calendar most is at home with my family. We used Google calendar, and share our calendars with each other. It works great. There's a free version, and a paid version (we're just using the free version, but the paid version let's you use a domain name of your choice, and comes with support).

It works quite well for our purposes, but it does mean you all have to use Google's cloud services, and it's not Open Source. And in my case, we all have Android devices... I'm not sure how well that works with iPhone (it may, I just don't have experience there).

I know google would have been easier way out, but i am trying to build open source based features../ functionality. another USP for virtualmin, because anyone seems to be able to do Postfix based mail servers..

anyway, regarding Z-push.. i can try it, it seems Sogo is something which people are recommending.. but that means another big curve of learning.. Need more ideas, especially around virtualmin..

Yeah unfortunately, most groupware software like you're seeking doesn't work well as an Install Script, as it often requires a dedicated server, such as the way Zimbra works. It's not designed to run as a particular Virtual Server owner.

There was eGroupWare as an option, though at a glance that appears to be commercial now.