install Scripts for joomla Fail .. with utf8mb4 is an Unknown character set

I am making a new support request. This is a big deal, for me. I have a "new" customer that wants a "Joomla" Website. I can't give it to him. the install of Joomla fails.

Failed to run database setup script : ERROR 1115 (42000) at line 14: Unknown character set: 'utf8mb4' .

After studying it for a couple of days, I am thinking we need to update MYSQL to a version that is not in the Centos 6.8 channel.
Is that the right thing to do.?

I also see Wordpress user asking questions about is using this utf8bm4 also when I look on the internet for answers..

This looks like it will force a upgrade.. It seems all Centos 6.8 have Mysql 5.1 and need 5.5 ..

Do we have a way to do this with "yum" or do I need to RMP in the new Mysql-5.5.

Is this what I should do .. HELP.. Thanks Don

PS: I Notice my first support request was over 8 years ago... Thanks for the help over the years..



While a newer MySQL version would resolve the issue, I wouldn't recommend upgrading MySQL on an existing system. There isn't a supported upgrade path there, you'd have to use a third party repository to make that work.

It's capable of working, and there are folks who do that... but if you want to go that route, we'd suggest trying it on a test server first.

What we're hoping to do is figure out why Joomla is requiring that character set. According to the docs we've read, Joomla is supposed to fall back to using utf8 on systems that don't support utf8mb4:

We are looking into this... sorry, I wish I had a quick and simple fix for you. But we'll try to figure out something here soon.

I looked at that.. untared the sql 5.7 bundle and rpm -Ivh *.rpm and it was a scary reminder of the old days when I would spend days looking for rpms to make a server run. Nope that is not what I want.. It would make more sense to move to Centso7 .. O what fun...

Is there anything I do? I think you can see this is not just my server with the issue, it's Cento 6.8 and below. Let me know if I can help any, I know I posted the version of Mysql in the other post. But anything else I can do let me know.

Thanks Don

I found that could download Joomla and I installed the software directly and it worked.

So... It has to do with the install scripts !!

One ... I was able to install the software for my customer.. so I am not in a big hurry anymore.
Two ... I know the issue can be fixed without a server move to Cento7.. YEA..


I have the same problem. Workaround: Install Joomla 3.4.1 first and upgrade to 3.5.1 afterwards.

Thanks for letting us know! We're looking into a way to resolve that.

Thanks for letting us know. This is a bit of a tricky problem, but we hope to get it resolved. I've sent Jamie some details that I'm hoping we can use to sort it out -- let's see what Jamie thinks regarding that.

I did talk to Jamie -- this is on the todo list, though unfortunately requires a complete overhaul of the Install Script, so it's not yet complete. Sorry for the delay!