Delete Scheduled backups Logs


May be i am missing something, but it would be good if there was a delete option in the backup logs view. Presently i go to webmin file browser and do it manually. May be this was intentional.. but i think it would be good to have this option.

Thanks, Rohit

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Howdy -- there unfortunately isn't a built-in way to delete old logs.

It should only show the last 7 logs by default though, it should only display the others when doing a search.

Do you find yourself needing to view history older than 7 days a lot?

I am requesting this feature for the last 7 logs, ; ) .. it might be helpful for others? to easily delete a particular log.

Imagine multple domains have there backups.. and you as a root user have to clean some of them?

Are you interested in deleting the logs, or deleting the actual backup?

Logs and backup..

That's a good suggestion - I will work on adding support for deleting backups

This has been implemented, for inclusion in the 5.04 Virtualmin release.

Status: Active ยป Fixed

great thanks :)

Ok quick feedfack Version 5.04, the backups logs where there was a failure does not delete.

Ex; Deleting backup from local file /home/backups/Full/tandt_%d-%m-%Y .. .. failed : No such file or directory

I was under the impression that both the log and backups could be deleted, may be you have to consider this scenario too.


Yes, both the backup and the log should be removed.

On the "Backup Logs" page, does it show the actual path for that backup, or does it show it with the %d-%m-%Y date codes?

local file /home/backups/Full/tandt_%d-%m-%Y

Like this :)

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Submitted by unborn on Thu, 08/04/2016 - 04:55 Pro Licensee

it works and I love it :)

(debian jessie - latest distro + webmin + virtualmin) - thank you guys!

I agree very useful, and it works other than deleting " does it show it with the %d-%m-%Y date codes?" (Ubuntu 14.04 - distro + webmin + virtualmin)

For those who's backup log includes the date codes (which shouldn't happen) - were these manual backups, or were they run on schedule?

Sorry to come late on this, those were manually triggered backups

That's odd ... I can't re-produce this problem, sorry.

I assume that the actual backup directory contained the date, rather than the date codes like %Y ?

sorry to reopen this thread, I am getting this error while trying to delete backed up logs..
Error - File not found

Q1: I can delete the file from folder manually, how can i remove these references to show in the backup logs?

Oops, looks like this wasn't properly included in the GPL release. I'll fix that in the next version.

oops indeed :)

hello, was this enabled in the GPL version yet? bcos it is still failing with that error even after the webmin updates.

We haven't yet released a new GPL version with the fix.

hello, i would appreciate if i can get this fix package pls..

SOLVED; The answer is already in the tread. I just didn't read it ! Sorry

After each backup I transfer the backup manually to my local computer via SFTP and then I delete the backup file. A result of this is that I can't delte the logfile because the backup is gone. The I response get is: Deleting backup from local file /backup_tar_version_to_download .. .. failed : No such file or directory

In the future I will delete the backup file on the server from within the Backup logs, but how do I delte the already exisiting logs (that are missing the backup files)?

Hi Guys, was this fix already implemented in the GPL release? When the scheduled backup automatic removal after x days deleted the backup files, the corresponding log-item did not. Now I have to manually delete the old log files in '/var/webmin/modules/virtual-server/backuplogs'. I'm running the latest version of the GPL at this moment (5.99). Thanks!

Oh, that's a separate issue - I'll fix that in the next release.