update Virtualmin license

How I update Virtualmin license serial number 5560854 from 50 domain to 100 ?

Thank! Juan Pablo



Howdy -- with the updated licensing, the simplest way to do that is buy a new license, switch your server over to that, and then cancel the old license.

If you'd like us to do that, just let us know which license is your new one, and which one we should cancel. Thanks!

Hi andreychek. CanĀ“t buy a new license either. It says "There was an error processing your request. ". I tried with 3 different credit cards.


I'm so sorry, we're looking into this issue. In the meantime, I will add 10 domains to your current license so that you're able to add some new domains to it.

I have added 15 domains to your license while we look into this.

Reviewing the payment processor, we have received a number of other orders today. However, unfortunately, it does appear that 4 that you attempted to submit have all been rejected by the bank.

The reason they provide in each case is the following:

Declined. This generic response indicates that the customer's bank is unwilling to accept the transaction. The reasons vary; the customer will need to contact their bank for more details.

It's considered a "soft" error, meaning the problem may be temporary, and may work later.

It sounds like it may be a temporary problem, but you may want to contact your bank to see if they're able to provide any additional details on the reason this was declined.