Virtualmin Unlimited licensing


Sorry if the issues system is the wrong place for this, but...

We're wanting to utilise Virtualmin on 2 servers, both sat behind a HAProxy load balancer. The 2 machines will host the same set of domains / websites and be kept in sync through a combination of Cloudmin VSync and lsyncd. MySQL is handled on a separate cluster of Webmin-powered servers, loadbalanced by MaxScale.

My question is, would we need to purchase the Virtualmin Unlimited license twice for these 2 servers?

Thanks in advance.



Howdy -- this is the perfect place for that question. Honestly the categories don't really matter too much, I wish the issue system would let us remove them :-)

It's just the 3 of us here, we just look at all the requests that come in, we don't focus too much on the category.

As for your question -- I'm going to double-check with Joe regarding that. But just to verify, would both servers be live and serving requests in that setup?

Hey, thanks for that.

At present the plan is to have both servers live and responding to load balanced requests yes, although another potential config that we're considering is a master / slave type environment where the second server would be a hot spare in the event of a failure on the master.


Okay, the way this would work, is if you have a server serving live requests, it would indeed need an active license. If you had two servers behind a proxy, both handling requests, both should have an active license.

OTOH, if one was a hot spare, that wouldn't require a second license.

Note that if at any point you end up with 5 or more licenses, you'd be able to get a discount on additional licenses.

Perfect. Thanks for confirming this. It may be that hot spare makes most sense for us anyway, but the 5+ license discount is worth knowing too.


One last question. We ordered the 250 domain virtualmin license around a month ago, is it possible to upgrade this to the Unlimited license for the remaining period? If so, how do we go about doing that?


No problem! If you'd like to upgrade to an Unlimited, what we could do is have you purchase that, and then we'd refund you for the unused portion of your 250. It looks like you bought a yearly license, so that comes out to about $12.50 a month that we'd refund you for.

Let us know how you'd like to proceed and we'll gladly lend a hand.

Yep I'm happy with that, thanks.

I'll get the unlimited license ordered right now, if you could process the pro-rata refund for the remaining year of the 250 license that would be great.

Could you also turn off recurring renewals on the virtualmin 250 and the cloudmin 10 licenses too. Happy for the VM Unlimited license to remain on auto-renewal.

Cheers again.

Okay, I refunded 137.50 from your Virtualmin 250.

Could you also run this command on the server with the 250 license:

virtualmin change-license --serial 5562168 --key XeJuQuichb

That will complete the upgrade.

(we can go over your Cloudmin license once we get this one straightened out)

Perfect, thanks. I've ran that license change command.