RFE: Additional Wiki Scripts

I consider this low priority, but here are several additional Wiki scripts that would be nice to have available as Virtualmin script installers:



Please add to the list foswiki . (Yes I know this is three years later.)

I've been fighting to get twiki running. I've just won one battle - I got it working. It took way too long.

Now I'm trying to get contributed modules installed and/or upgraded and am getting the problem with the tools/extender.pl script not found or obsolete. Searching around for a solution finds that this is not an unusual problem, however I've yet to find the solution.

One of stated goals on the foswiki site is to provide a "clear upgrade path for existing TWiki® installations.

I'd like to get installation problems behind me and get on with using it.


Is foswiki a branch or fork of Twiki ?

I'd like to second the request for FosWiki. I've spent some time researching current Wiki choices again recently, and FosWiki is one of the top on my list. Yes, it is a fork of TWiki, but most (all?) of the core developers moved from TWiki to FosWiki due to a big dispute with the founder. Development on TWiki appears to have stagnated somwhat over the past year, while FosWiki has been much more active. I wouldn't remove TWiki by any means, as it has been around for many years and still has a large user base, but FosWiki seems to be a better choice for new installations.

To save jamie a minute to reply, all but VeryQuickWiki have installation scripts available with the professional version. The full list is available at


To put in an unsolicited plug, Jamie has provided us (both gpl and pro users) a really wonderful package and I am happy to return the favor with my subscription.

Foswiki turned out to be trivial to support, as it's installer is almost exactly the same as TWiki .. so it will be included in Virtualmin 3.79.