Update to httpd httpd-manual httpd-tools mod_ssl failed several times.

Building complete list of updates ..

Now updating httpd httpd-manual httpd-tools mod_ssl ..

Installing package(s) with command /bin/yum -y install httpd.x86_64 httpd-manual.noarch httpd-tools.x86_64 mod_ssl.x86_64 ..

Error: Package: 1:httpd-manual-2.4.6-40.el7.centos.vm.1.noarch (virtualmin)
Requires: httpd = 2.4.6-40.el7.centos.vm.1
Removing: 1:httpd-2.4.6-31.el7.centos.1.vm.x86_64 (@virtualmin)
httpd = 1:2.4.6-31.el7.centos.1.vm
Updated By: 1:httpd-2.4.6-40.el7.centos.vm.1.x86_64 (virtualmin)
httpd = 1:2.4.6-40.el7.centos.vm.1
Available: httpd-2.4.6-40.el7.centos.x86_64 (base)
httpd = 2.4.6-40.el7.centos
Available: httpd-2.4.6-40.el7.centos.1.x86_64 (updates)
httpd = 2.4.6-40.el7.centos.1
Available: 1:httpd-2.4.6-17.el7.centos.centos.1.vm.x86_64 (virtualmin)
httpd = 1:2.4.6-17.el7.centos.centos.1.vm
Available: 1:httpd-2.4.6-18.el7.centos.vm.x86_64 (virtualmin)
httpd = 1:2.4.6-18.el7.centos.vm
Available: 1:httpd-2.4.6-18.el7.centos.vm.1.x86_64 (virtualmin)
httpd = 1:2.4.6-18.el7.centos.vm.1
Available: 1:httpd-2.4.6-19.el7.centos.vm.x86_64 (virtualmin)
httpd = 1:2.4.6-19.el7.centos.vm
Available: 1:httpd-2.4.6-19.el7.centos.vm.2.x86_64 (virtualmin)
httpd = 1:2.4.6-19.el7.centos.vm.2
Available: 1:httpd-2.4.6-31.el7.centos.vm.x86_64 (virtualmin)
httpd = 1:2.4.6-31.el7.centos.vm
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest

install failed!

No packages were installed. Check the messages above for the cause of the error.



Howdy -- sorry for the trouble there... Joe was looking into that, I'll check with him to see how that's coming along.

In the meantime, the httpd-manual package isn't actually necessary, and removing it should resolve that problem.

You can do that by running this command:

rpm -e httpd-manual

After that, are you able to update the Apache packages?

Building complete list of updates ..

Now updating httpd httpd-tools mod_ssl ..

Installing package(s) with command /bin/yum -y install httpd.x86_64 httpd-tools.x86_64 mod_ssl.x86_64 ..

.. install complete.

Successfully installed 3 packages.

It looks like that worked then?

Joe is looking into how to fix that issue for that future, as we don't want folks to run into dependency issues... but removing httpd-manual is a good workaround for the time being since it's not a necessary package.