noob who can't figure out how to get a virtual server website to load in browser

I'm new to virtualmin and can't figure out how to get web content on the virtual server to load in a browser.

Some basic setup info.

  • My virtualmin is loaded in a cloud account at
  • I'm using the digital ocean nameservers and their provided IP address.
  • I have a primary domain (ROOT.TLD) for the overall install, if I browse that domain it shows the web content from the /var/www/html directory
  • I create virtual servers using other domains (VS1.TLD, VS2.TLD, etc) and put content in the /home/'username'/public_html directory
  • The primary domain and virtual server domains have the nameservers changed at the domain registry to the same names provided by digital ocean (, ns2, etc...) and those nameservers are displaying correctly in whois
  • That virtual server content displays when I use the menu Virtualmin > services > preview website
  • That content won't display when trying to access the domain via a browser, instead it says 'server not found'.
  • when logged into the server via SSH command line, the command -> "host VS1.TLD" gives this result:
    • Name:
    • Address: 'IP address'#53
    • Aliases:
    • Host VS1.TLD not found: 5(REFUSED)

I'm used to dealing with regular type hosting, this is a whole new world for me. I'm probably screwing up something simple, but after many hours trying to figure it out I'm reaching out for some help.

Please advise on what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.



Oh do I feel stoooopid....I needed to add the virtual server domains to the digital ocean control panel as well.

Thanks for the link, I'll still study it, want to learn as much as I can handle.

Ah, I'm glad to hear things are working for you now!

Yeah there's a lot of moving parts involved, but once you do it a few times it should become "old hat" as they say :-)

I have the domain registered on godaddy and the DNS seem all right.The website is hosted in a dedicated by ovh. Virtualmin create the virtual server on /home/user/public_html but when I browse the domain it show the content of /var/www/html. I think IP and DNS are right as with the same configuration plesk works well (now I had make a clean install for virtualmin). How can I solve?