IMAP Doesn't Working


Can you help Me After Upgrade my Webmin My email cannot receiving incoming email error message : Error: service(auth-worker): Socket already exists: /var/run/dovecot/auth-worker Fatal: Failed to start listeners




Howdy -- it doesn't look like you're seeing an issue related to Webmin there.

What you may want to try is just to restart Dovecot, and see if that helps. There could be an existing Dovecot process that's holding that socket open.

It looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there though. If you're looking to use free help, and you had any followup questions, we'd encourage you to ask in the Forums. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community!

Alternatively, you can also purchase a support incident if you're interested in working with us here in the support tracker.