after upgrade to latest version the public_html directory no longer posts on the web. no content can been seen.

I upgraded to latest version and now when i put a file in the public_html directory the file will not show on the web.

i am unable to access it. sites from before are working but new sites are not.

please help



Howdy -- thanks for purchasing a support incident! We're happy to help out.

What happens when you try to access a file in the public_html file? Are you receiving an error of some sort?

Also, if you look in $HOME/logs/error_log for that domain, do you see any errors?

And in $HOME/logs/access_log, do you see an access attempt?

I get 404 not found.

can you call me tomorrow and we can both connect and see if you can help get it working? 613-232-0648 ext. 102


i dont see anything in the logs either.

We're happy to assist, though we only provide support via the Support Tracker here.

If you're not seeing anything in the logs, that may mean that requests aren't getting to your specific Virtual Server.

These instructions here explain what to do in that particular situation

Does that document assist with the problems that you've been seeing?

Also, note that you can enable email notifications by going into Account -> Project Notifications.