Virtual Server "Additional email adresses" creates wrong destinations

When entering additional Email Aliases into {Virtual Server}/Edit Users/{Username}/Email Settings/Additional email addresses BOX, the ALIAS DESTINATION is generated wrong.

When input or only mailalias without domain, on the "Edit Mail Alias" Page, the alias is generated like

The email will never arrive unless manually the alias is reconfigured to the destination ""

The Domain is configured to use usernameformat which includes domain like: username@domain in Server Template.





I have to add, AND are living in /etc/passwd and when login in usermin without domain, the user is shown as down below.

Howdy -- while it does sound like something isn't quite right, most of the behavior you're describing is expected. That is, it should have a "-" in the username in that case.

Having an "@" in a username isn't technically supported by Postfix, though Virtualmin has some workarounds that allow it to work. That's described here:

However, in spite of it being a workaround, it should work quite well, and is what I use on my own personal servers.

Could you share a screenshot of an "Email Settings" screen that isn't working for you, and also share the error that displays in /var/log/maillog when trying to send an email to that address?