Licence Problem

Hi my licence expired some month ago and now i wanted to renew it but I had no option to purchase a renewal. So I simply bought the monthly option and got a new licence number. I tried to install it but it doesn't work so what do I need to do to install the new licence?



Howdy -- thanks for renewing! And sorry for the confusion, unfortunately renewals from the old system to the new one aren't yet seamless.

You wouldn't want to re-run the installer once you have a working system though.

To update your license, you can just run this command:

virtualmin change-license --serial SERIAL_NUM --key LICENSE_KEY

Great, the licence is ok now just need to enable the repository as it was removed. I'll check that at home Thank you very much...

Hello Virtualmin,

We have an emergency situation here requesting your immediate help.

Our Virtualmin account had my Gmail address linked to it, which is While resetting the password for my account, it says "You cannot reset your password. The email address associated with your account been blocked from receiving further mails due to failed delivery of past mail."

My Gmail account was not receiving any email due to some reasons which has resolved now.

We have to renew the license key for cloudmin, Could you please unblock this email address, so that i could reset the password.

Thank you,

Regards, Surjo Banerjee/ Aanchal Banerjee

Hi there ABANERJEEE -- we're happy to help though this particular request is from another user regarding a different issue a few years ago.

Could you start a new support request, where we can ask you some details about your account and license? Thanks!