SMTP traffic problem

I have -> Operating system CentOS Linux 5.11 Webmin version 1.795 Virtualmin version 5.03

And i have one problem with one client, i have a high inside traffic to my mail server from one of my clients, its from your network who haves a 20 PCs inside, and i suppose one of them have a problem with one mail in his "tray outbox"

How can i locate this client to solve the problem ???



Howdy -- can you clarify what the problem is exactly?

Are you saying that the problem is one client, who has email remaining in the outbox on his email client?

If so, what you may want to do is review the client to see what errors it is showing. You may also want to review the mail logs in /var/log/maillog when trying to send an email, as that should have information on the problem.

Thank you andreycheck

Finally i call a client and finally i find the computer who haves a great mail in the outbox on his email client

It's very difficult view anything in /var/log/maillog , i think virtualmin missing a lot of help to view problems, traffic, spam, etc...

Please, i asked more times about a good tutorial of antispam in Virtualmin and control about that, other competitors they are more advanced about that...

What error is the user seeing in their email client when they click the Send and Receive button?

Also, what you'd need to do is have the user click Send and Receive, and make note of the time of day when they do that.

Then, review the mail log, jump to that time of day, and then look for the IP address this client would be coming from.

There should be information there associated with that particular connection attempt.