after restore of backup we see only Apache Server at Port 80

I have a backup and restore problem. We created two servers with virtual min to replace an old server. On one we placed customers web pages and placed email on the other. The thought being that if one went down it would not be as much effort to move partial backups from one to the other. The old server was the DNS server at .66, The new web server is dot 68 and also has .66 on it to do Primary DNS. As it happened this unit was hit by a virus.

We have backups of the web hosting files from .68 created by virtualmin. The other server is .69 and we have attempted to restore the host files to that unit. It looks like all the files are there but when we try to bring up the web page we only get a directory listing. When we restored the backup to this other server it restored all files to x.x.x.69 with out the virtual addresses that were on the other machine even though we created them on .69 before we restored the backup. How do we proceed to be able to display the web pages on this server. Our customers will not be happy if they are down for long.

Closed (fixed)