how to give usermin access or other access to a websites awstats report

Hi, I have tried and tried, but cannot for the life of me work out how to do this !! I should be very simple as I am sure it is something that everyone wants?? Essentially, I have a couple of clients that contantly want access to their awstats report. Currently, I have to logon to virtualmin, run their reports, PDF them and send them to the user which is a pain !! I have tried going straight to the users url but it prompts for user/pass and no matter what I put in , it does not work. I have tried changing the owner of the /home/user/cgi-bin and to the awstats file, but still same error. I have tried putting a symlink in the users /public_home directory to the cgi-bin, but still no good. I have tried the URL that I get in Virtualmin, but that bombs out too. I have tried to work out using the customers usermin how to give them access to awstats, but all I get is their email. I have tried creating an extra-admin, but that too, does not give me anything either. Sorry, but very frustrating - am I missing something simple?? thanks.



Howdy -- if you log into Virtualmin, and click Edit Users -> USERNAME -> Other User Permissions, there is a section there named "Allow access to web directories".

You can use that section to give a user access to the awstats page (as well as the Webalizer page).

thanks - but I don't see that user other user permissions. I have: email only email and ftp email and scp

Make sure that under System Settings -> Features and Plugins that you have the "Protected Web Directories" plugin enabled.

ok, thanks - right, I have done that. I have now added the only available directory that I see there /etc/homes/USER/awstats However, now how does the user access their awstats please? (sorry if dumb question !).

what do I do now please?

cool - got it. Thanks !!