Clean install has errors with debian 8(Jessie)

So I did a clean install of VM pro and I got a few errors:

update-rc.d: error: cannot find a LSB script for postgresql-8.3
postgresql-8.3: unrecognized service
update-rc.d: error: cannot find a LSB script for postgresql-8.4
postgresql-8.4: unrecognized service 896: /usr/sbin/ntpdate-debian: not found

Module suexec already enabled
Module actions already enabled
Module fcgid already enabled
Considering dependency setenvif for ssl:
Module setenvif already enabled
Considering dependency mime for ssl:
Module mime already enabled
Considering dependency socache_shmcb for ssl:
Module socache_shmcb already enabled
Module ssl already enabled
Module cgi already enabled
Can't open /etc/apache2/mods-available/php7.0.conf: No such file or directory.


PHP5 is installed by default so the conf is /etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.conf not /etc/apache2/mods-available/php7.0.conf

ntpdate is not installed by the installer and the path is /usr/sbin/ntpdate not /usr/sbin/ntpdate-debian

postgresql start script is /etc/init.d/postgresql

Not sure if any of these errors are critical just yet.



Looks like MySQL has a issue in the post-install setup

DBI connect failed : Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

Priority: Major ยป Critical

Regarding the MySQL error - if your system has a password set already for MySQL, you may have to configure Virtualmin to use it at Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database Server.

None of those messages indicate a critical error. However, I'll look into those as some should be a simple fix.

The PHP7 lines are testing for PHP7 configs, and modifying them if they exist... but we can fix it so that it's not throwing an error when they don't exist.

Regarding ntpdate -- there should actually be an ntpdate-debian command located in /usr/sbin if the ntpdate package is installed. The file list for that is here:

Although it's expecting that to be there, we can make it fail more quietly in the case that it isn't for some reason.

Also, was this server perhaps upgraded from a previous version? I believe I've seen those Postgres warnings when init scripts from older versions were found.

ntpdate-debian does not exist and as long as I have used debian it has never existed. It's always been ntpdate

Like I said this was a clean install on a new server so there is no previous versions of any configs

oh wait -- your installer does not install ntpdate as it is expecting it to be installed already but the new Jessie minimal does not install it

previous debian versions did install it in the minimal but no longer so you need to adjust your install script to install it for jessie-minimal

The default jessie-minimal installs openntpd instead now

personally I prefer --> ntp - Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs

Yeah ntpdate-debian has been around for quite some time as part of the ntpdate package. It's just a wrapper around the ntpdate program to quickly set the time.

But as you said, it looks as if that's not being installed by default anymore.

What I'll do for the moment is update the install script to ensure that ntpdate is being installed, but we'll also review the other options to make sure we shouldn't be using one of those.