Virtualmin breaks if php from a 3rd party repo is used

Seemingly when php is updated from a 3rd party repo, Virtualmin uses incompatible Apache php conf settings. As a result, php pages are downloaded in the browser instead of the server parsing them. The issue seems to be affecting fcgid users since httpd.conf gets php_admin value off lines added to vhosts, and commenting them out solves the issue.

Lots of other mentions around the web



Howdy -- that's unfortunately something that's outside our control.

Third party repositories do indeed often cause configuration problems and software conflicts, as they install their own configuration files, which overwrite or override the existing config.

So much so, that we actually recommend against their use. We've seen quite a few serious problems arise when using packages from third party repositories.

Instead, we offer instructions on how to setup a second and newer PHP version from a known good repository:

PS Even with an scl php 7, I encountered this php_admin_value bug in Virtualmin :) So, it seems like it is not just 3rd party repo related.

What setting is Virtualmin using that's causing a problem?

php_admin_value engine Off

The solution was to comment out these VirtualHost entries in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

I added some links in the issue description, but if you search for Virtualmin and php_admin_value engine you will have lots of results :)

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Submitted by pixel_paul on Tue, 06/21/2016 - 04:19 Pro Licensee

I have encountered this issue many times, especially with PHP7.

Commenting out php_admin_value engine Off was the solution.

Agree, after few days in hair tearing episode, I finally found this fix. With mine using Webmin version 1.810, Virtualmin version 5.04, with php 5.6.25 from remi, this bug seems keep popping out. Any idea if we can find this issue on http.conf template to sort it fix it temporary? It seems generated on a new virtual account after this recent update, while leaving pass account normal.