Re-Check Configuration kills server


upgraded CentOS - went to virtualmin - Re-Check of configuration should be done

accepted and: Bind dead!

after some time i found the problem. The recheck of the configuration creates A and AAAA-Records fpr autodiscover and autoconfig in the zone files despite the fact that these Records are already present as CNAME's. There is no check all about this and i do not want virtualmin to change something like this in that manner!

It is called "reCHECK" and not "re-do-something-crazy-with-the-config-files-to-break-the-whole-server". At the minimum virtualmin should show what was found and what would be changed and ASK for what to do instead of REWRITING whole config files under the pretext of a CHECK.

Not re-Checking the configuration does not kill me, I simple do not click it ever again untill this behaviour is solved, but at least this point and button is renamed in case the behaviour is not changed.

Thank you in advance, viebrock