Migrate Virtual server from Cpanel

In this days I migrate many accounts from a cpanel server and I found some bugs:

  1. I need to assign a new DB password to install script like roundcube or I got DB connection error (Pre-encrypted password)
  2. I need to edit /home/lancia/www/webmail/config/config.inc.php and remove %u from $config['smtp_user'] to send email ($config['smtp_user'] = '';)
  3. All symlinks in /home/accountname/www -> public_html have wrong owner and group (see screenshot)
  4. All email accounts imported have some problem with pop3 authentication (old user: mail@domain.tld new user: mail.domain)


(5) Some accounts migrated not have all DB tables. (CRITICAL)

Related to problem 5: I try to import sql file with sequel and I got: [ERROR in query 15] The query length of 1747599 bytes is larger than max_allowed_packet size (1048576).

my.conf have only 1M for max_allowed_packet as default value on virtualmin.

Uhm... maybe an alert that migration failed can be the solution.