.. a clash was detected : A unix user named xxxxxxxxxx already exists - try selecting a different administration username

I first restored a Webmin backup, and when I tried to restore Virtualmin backups, I got this error message in the subject. Even with skip warnings and continue on error did not help.

"virtualmin restore-domain --source /root/backups/ --all-domains --all-features --continue-on-error --skip-warnings"



Howdy -- yeah if a UNIX user exists that contains the name of a Virtual Server owner, Virtualmin won't be able to restore that particular domain.

Was that user manually created beforehand?

You could always delete that UNIX user first though, if you don't need it, at which point the restore would be able to continue.

First, I imported a webmin backup. Then, I was unable to import the Virtualmin backups...Would be nice if Virtualmin allowed the import if a user exists already.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to restore the backup if the user already exists, but the domain does not.

The user can always be deleted first though, that can be done with this command:

userdel -r USERNAME

The above will delete the existing user, and their homedir -- so you'd want to be certain that the user isn't actually in use for anything first.

try the --reuid option

virtualmin restore-domain --all-domains --all-features --reuid --skip-warnings --continue-on-error --source /full/path/to/backups/source.tar.gz