Django Install Script

When trying to Install Django 1.9.5 from Install Scripts

It just shows

This script cannot be installed, as this virtual server does not meet its requirements : Your Virtualmin version does not support proxying


Are you running Virtualmin GPL or Pro there?

I am using Virtualmin GPL. Is the install script Pro only feature ?

Unfortunately, due to more recent Django changes, proxying support is required for it to work properly.

We love Django, and it was one of the first Install Scripts we added into Virtualmin GPL. But unfortunately, now that it requires proxying, and there isn't proxying support in Virtualmin GPL, it now requires Virtualmin Pro to work properly.

We will be looking into removing it entirely from Virtualmin GPL soon.

Sorry about that!

Ok No Problem, Finally I have a strong reason to buy Pro.

Thanks a lot. Will be buying a Pro soon. :)

So just to be sure, wsgi is supported through use of the Django installer?

It is very sad to know that Virtualmin GPL do not support DJango later version. I won't able to code in Django anymore :'(