Fresh Installation


First I want to congratulate you all for getting a pricing system in place that can compete with cPanel and make it available for customers who have wanted to pay for a premium version of this software without needing to purchase an owned license.

I have just deployed a VM with a fresh installation of CentOS 6 and Virtualmin. I then login to click on the install script option. I click on django and see that the version is 1.9.2. I click to install it, but it says it needs a newer version of Python. I've installed Python 3.3 using softwarecollections guide as recommended elsewhere on another tutorial of yours ( ).

How would I get Virtualmin to pick up the Python3 path so that when running the django script, it reads the python3 installation as oppose to the Python2 location? Or do you have another method of having this script work? Thank you




You can configure the location of Python at System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Advanced Options -> Path to python command.

I don't have that option available under Advanced Options. The only ones I see are:

Advanced options Base number for virtual interfaces Automatic
Check resolv.conf for this system? Yes No Add mail attribute to LDAP users? Yes using only mail attribute Yes using mail and mailAlternateAddress No Force mailbox usernames to lower case? Yes No Always re-update Webmin module ACLs? Yes No Setup Webalizer Cron job for each virtual server? Yes No Allow creation of sub-domains? Yes No Decide automatically Command to get memory usage Query operating system
Minimum recommended real memory 256 MB Path to create API helper command Determine automatically
Validate MX records for domains with email Yes No Template for default script directory

Hmm, it should be the last option on that screen -- on my system it's under the "Template for default script directory" option.

If you're not seeing that still, which Virtualmin version do you have there? And which theme are you using?

Actually nevermind. Resolved when I put in the serial/license key for Virtualmin pro. thanks!