Individual notes for Virtual Server's

This is my idea about a virtual server note section.

When you click on "Edit Virtual Server" and the right frame shows the following sections it would be nice to have a text box that the client and admin can put notes in for certain task or password history or what ever else.

  • Virtual server details
  • Configurable settings
  • Quotas and limits
  • Enabled features
  • -- Notes --

For instance one of my clients client had a old IP for a A record and he wanted to have a reference for it but the only way to do that was using the admin notes and in this case we could use a new section in each virtual server for notes.



So, just a text box on the Edit Virtual Server page for entering notes for the domain? Or something more structured?

Just a text box and in fact you can put it in the Virtual Server Details section.

Oh and just to be sure if you do add this the text box is scrollable.