FormMail Scripts

In migrating to 14.04 we find that many of our old FormMail scripts no longer work (permission errors with permissions set correctly) and I'm wondering if you can recommend a plugin to do simple forms with our virtual servers. Thanks, Jeff



Howdy -- hmm, those errors may be fixable. Can you share the full errors you are receiving?

Andreychek, Got it. For some reason the old cgi perl script was throwing out permission errors. I looked at the script and it was originally written in '95. (Weve been doing this a long time.) The last update was in 2002. We moved to a php page and it works like a charm and is current. It might be interesting, like getting an old car running again, to fix the old formmail script, but I think we'll just swap our forms out for the new stuff. Thanks, Jeff

Okay, yeah, having a shiny new script to handle all that isn't a bad idea. Glad to hear things are working for you now!