virtualmin does not remember cgi-wrapper setting anymore

hello - when i go to ServerConfiguration-->WebsiteOptions, i can toggle between "CGI-wrapper" and "FCGld" for 'PHP script execution mode'

when i select FCGld, the radio button setting is remembered as i would expect, but not so when i select CGI-wrapper. when i select CGI-wrapper, no radio button is remembered afterwards.

i am going to assume that CGI-wrapper is the default and not to worry about it.



Howdy -- while there's nothing wrong with using CGI wrapper, it should certainly remember the setting.

Do things work properly either way, whether it's set to FCGID or CGI?

they certainly appear to work properly, so i classified this issue as "minor".

my first test as always is to first create a <?php phpinfo(); and run it. so long as that runs successfully, i figure i am good to go.

future people may find that radio button not being properly displayed a bit confusing.

Agreed! We'd definitely want that radio button showing the proper setting.

So far, I haven't been able to reproduce that though, but we are looking into it.

Are you seeing that for all of your domains? Or is it for one in particular?