Migration to new server - failed restore


I am migratng from Centos 6.7 to Centos 7.2-1511 using instructions in https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/system/migrate

The reason is that I am finding the repositories for 6.7 are somewhat out of date and in any case I will have to upgrade to 7.2 eventually.

The source server remains in production - I have 7.2 on a separate server.

1) When restoring to 7.2 I saw this error:

Error: Failed to regenerate table bcc/etc/postfix/_recipient: postmap: fatal: open /etc/postfix/bcc_recipient: No such file or directory

Please advise fix. Also, can I just re-apply the restore or do I need to delete the existing installation?

2) Webmin migration

I have failed to find a migration process for the webmin settings. I understand the internal wenmin backup/resore won't work restoring to a different OS. Would be grateful for your advice on how to do this

Many thanks




Howdy -- to resolve the migration error you received, try running this command:

touch /etc/postfix/bcc_recipient

I suspect that's all Postfix needs in order to handle that.

As far as Webmin goes, what are some examples of settings you're hoping to migrate?


The problem is that I have changed various settings over time (eg limits in dovecot, adding DCC and Pyzor to spamassassin, adding fail2ban, ...)

Although I have kept (some) notes, I would rather avoid doing all this from the ground up if there is some way of doing a backup/restore



Ah, while those changes can indeed be done through Webmin -- they aren't actually Webmin settings.

Those changes directly change the config files for the services in question.

There unfortunately isn't a perfect way to handle things such as that.

The reason Webmin doesn't provide a backup and restore of those options, is that many options aren't compatible with the services on the newer system.

That is, not all config parameters would be work with the newer services on the newer server.

I personally usually just re-add them to the new server.

I'll offer that there's an excellent chance the SpamAssassin config files are compatible... you could always just copy the SpamAssassin local.cf file that the changes were made to from the old system to the new one.

You may need to re-add those changes to the Dovecot config though.