Bug in PowerDNS plugin.

Operating system FreeBSD 7.1
Virtualmin version 3.66 Pro
PowerDNS Domain 1.5

PowerDNS plugin doesn't remove records from the database on virtual server deletion. This is possible when the virtual server has external IP address assigned, different from the shared one. In such scenerio, external IP is stored in PowerDNS database but plugin tries to remove records using the shared one:

IP address and forwarding:
IP address aa.aa.aa.aa (Shared by all servers)
External IP address bb.bb.bb.bb

Delete Server:
Deleting PowerDNS domain ..
.. records are no longer for the IP address aa.aa.aa.aa

mysql> select name,type,content from records where name like 'test.%' and type='A';
| name | type | content |
| test.expro.pl | A | bb.bb.bb.bb |

Trying to setup virtual server later with the same domain ends with:
Failed to create virtual server :
This domain already exists in PowerDNS

Closed (fixed)