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Not sure if this is a bug or a lacking feature to be honest (should TLS work after Copy to Postfix/Dovecot). Either way I need to solve this with a workaround of some sort as I need to have emails being encrypted. Upon installing SSL Cert and doing Copy to PostFix, the system does not use TLS (emails coming in are not using TLS, outgoing emails are not using TLS).

Below is forum post in asking for help, but no responses. So assume it's a bug considering lots of views and no comments. Adding an SSL Certificate to Postfix. I have followed the adding the Cert and the CA bundle, copy to postfix but emails aren't going over ssl/tls. Tried adding smtpd_tls_security_level = encrypt into but no change. My emails are going over port 465 but they are not encrypting. I have googled this for some hours now trying to find what is wrong, came across one forum which said to uncomment: submission inet n - - - - smtpd But that causes major errors. Are their manual edits I need to do in postfix files to enable forced TLS outside of what I have done?



So, the "copy to Postfix" button only copys the cert and sets up Postfix to support accepting email via a TLS-encrypted connection. However, this doesn't guarantee that other mail servers will actually use a TLS connection, or that mail servers yours sends to will accept a TLS connection.

However, email from major mail services (like gmail) should send and receive using TLS though.

I posted more details on this in the forums asking for help, but no suggestions on how to resolve, only reply I got was from someone else with the same problem.
Also posted alot of detail on :
The problem is :
1. When I send a message from my domain to gmail, gmail says it wasn't encrypted.
2. When I send a message from gmail to my domain, there is no tls recorded in the email source.

So even though I have it set for force tls, it doesn't force it.

You appear to be seeing a different issue than the one described above.

I posted a followup on your Forum thread.