Allow Plans to be Applied To a VM Directly

To allow cloudmin to better align to the VPS market, it would be best if you could create a plan and put it to a VM so that it acts as a vps panel as well as allowing the cloud model of giving resources to a user. The cloud model as well fits as the reseller model is solusvm. As is you would have to recalculate current usages and set owner limits based on that.

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I'm not quite sure what you mean here - are you asking for the ability to create a single VM that is sized based to match a plan?

Yes. Instead of giving resources to a user to make stuff, they would have a VM that can be managed based on a plan alone.

You can sort-of do this already - on the VM creation form is a field for also creating an owner, whose plan you can select. However, you have to manually enter the same disk, CPU and RAM limits for the VM as are supplied by the plan.

Yes I know you have owners and plans, but there should be explicit support so you wouldn't need to recalculate bean counters over an API (whmcs).

So, are you thinking of a model in which the system owner could also resize his VMs? I'm not quite sure I understand your use-case.

Im trying to compare cloudmin to a VPS panel as well as a cloud panel. The cloud model as now gives you a quota of resources to do as you want. The traditional VPS model allows to only create a VPS directly tied to a plan with a upgrade/downgrade ability.

Would you like VM owners to have the ability to do self-service upgrades and downgrades?

If not, you could just create a VM of the size the user paid for, but on a plan that doesn't allow size changes at all.

Comparing to solusvm, upgrade/downgrade can only happen by an admin or over API. The goal is to not need to recalculate limits based on active usage.

Ok, I think I see what you're looking for now - I will add the ability to use a plan to determine the size of a new VM in a future release.

FYI, this feature has been implemented and will be included in the next Cloudmin release.

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