dkim-milter supprt

I tried using a tutorial on how to setup and install dkim-milter (Yahoo is a pain for mail delivery).

I got most of the way through but when I try to start the service (service dkim-milter start) I get an error because it wants to link against /usr/lib/ rather than /usr/lib64/

I'm guessing that there's an eaiser way and an easier way to get this managed with Virtualmin.

I haven't saved the postfix or changes out of fear of dropping my entire mail system....

Is dkim support available in VM? If so, how do I load it and point it to the /etc/dkim-milter directory where the private key resides?

I've searched and searched for a version of dkim-milter that is lib64 enabled. I didn't want to download the source and completely rebuild...


Appreciation for help in advance.

Closed (fixed)