phpMyAdmin doesnt show new databases

1) Install phpmyadmin
2) then add new database
3) again login to phpmyadmin
4) it doesnt show newly added database
5) Now uninstall phpmyadmin and reinstall it
it shows the last added databases but again wont show any databases added after installation.



Howdy -- hmm, that's an unusual issue.

What phpMyAdmin version is it that you're using there?

Also, could you try logging into MySQL as the Virtual Server owner on the command line? That can be done by logging into SSH as that user, then running "mysql -u USERNAME -p".

Then, type "show databases".

Do all the users databases show up as expected?

phpmyadmin version is latest. Installed from "Install Scripts" and is regularly updated.

yes the command line and Adminer ( works fine and show every db as soon as I create a db from virtualmin.

Just another request can you kindly create a script for adminer. Its just a single php. Scripts are much better for automation.

When you installed phpMyAdmin, did you select specific databases that it would be allowed to access?

No I selected "All Databases" option. But I think it allows access to only databases available at that time.

There's nothing in Virtualmin itself that would do this - perhaps you need to refresh the page in phpMyAdmin or logout and login again to see the updated DB list?

I already tried logging out and again login. I am on Ubuntu 14.04 and Webmin 1.791 and everything updated. Its not only on one server but all the servers I installed Virtualmin on.

Another thing to check is which user you are logging into phpMyAdmin as - is it the domain owner (who will always have access to all databases), or another mailbox user (who might not).

I am logging in as domain owner.

Which version of phpMyAdmin did you install?