Can't find existing mailbox or alias

Trying to create a new user within my '' domain named 'eticket'. When I try to save, I get an error that an alias or mailbox for that user within that domain already exists.

I looked in /home/ezms/homes and there's no eticket there (hence no Maildir). I looked in /etc/postfix/virtual and there's no eticket there either (no alias).

So where is it finding this conflict and how do I remove it.

I guess I need to add the user since the /etc/postfix/virtual file doesn't support pipes (correct?). So I thought I'd create the user, make their home directory /etc/ezms/public_html/eticket and then put a .forward file that does the piping.

But can't do this due to the error. Is there something behind the scenes done when eticket is installed that is not visible to me?

Closed (fixed)