Weird Error

I am running the latest Virtualmin and Webmin as well as MySQL 5.7 but when I click to edit users I get: Unknown column 'user.password' in 'field list'

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Howdy -- there is compatibility issue with MySQL 5.7. There is some additional info in this bug report here:

The issue you're seeing should be corrected in the next release.

Any idea when this is going out? Can I get a hotfix for this? Really need to get some email accounts added on this one.

It will be out in a couple of days at most

Any way around this for me? These users basically cannot use their server at the moment because they upgraded their mysql version.

I could send you a pre-release fix - are you running the GPL or pro version, and on which linux distro?

I'm on Centos and this one is a gpl.

Sorry for the delay, Jamie is out of the office this week... we'll get you a pre-release shortly though!

We will have a 5.01 release of Virtualmin out in a day or two that will include this fix.

Check later today if you want to get the RPM before it gets released to our repos.

I upgraded virtualmin and am still getting:

SQL select user.user,user.password from user,db where db.user = user.user and (db.db = 'eticket' or db.db = 'eticket') failed : Unknown column 'user.password' in 'field list'

What action are you performing in Virtualmin when you get that error?

I just clicked 'Edit Users' and that error comes up.

Try re-downloading and installing the version 5.01 RPM - that should fix the issue.

I missed another place where the password column was being referenced in Virtualmin.

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