Apache Mod_Status with all virtual servers


How can i use apache mod_status to monitor ALL my virtual servers?

My goal is to see all open connections with clients / vhosts / requests and to be able to monitor for potentiel hacked sites.

Thanks in advance!



To be honest, I'm not sure if mod_status will help you find hacked sites unless you are monitoring the output 24/7. Other than that, there's no reason why it can't be setup for all domains in Virtualmin - but you would have to do it yourself, as Virtualmin has no built-in support for it.

The reason i ask your support is to be able to activate it for all domain and newly created domains without breaking things in my apache config file.

I dont know how to do it.

Can you help me with this, please? Where to put what?


For existing sites, you would need to manually edit the Apache config.

What I would suggest is try this for just one of your domains at first, until it's working the way you want.

Try adding something like this into the VirtualHost config for a domain you'd like to test:

<Location "/server-status">
    SetHandler server-status

Add it near the end of the VirtualHost config in the Apache configuration.

After adding it, restart Apache, and then access that domain by browsing to "http://yourdomain.com/server_status".

That mean i will need to add this manually to each virtual server?

There's now way to add it automaticaly or to have it applied to all domains by default?

There's a way we can have that added automatically to newly created domains (and once the above is working for you, I was going to explain how to do that).

But there isn't a simple way to do that for existing domains.


I was doing some searchs for a workaround about a similar need and while i was reading this topic, i just noticed that it's me who started it.

Just to let you know that your suggestion is working. I've been able to link it to monit also. I will continue my tests to link it to many virtual servers and see how it's going. I'll update you.