support Tickets Via virtualmin pro: still an issue?


It seems i am not able to create tickets via my virtualmin login, could you help me pls.

Collecting domain validation report and config check .. Show validation report .. Show configuration check report .. .. done.

Collecting detailed system information .. .. done.

Sending support ticket to .. .. failed with HTTP error : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found



Howdy -- this is an unfortunate problem with the change to the new website. That module was tied to Joomla 6. Joe is working on porting that to Joomla 7, but for the time being the only way to create a support request is using the web interface at

Note though that the remote support functionality should function properly, the issue is just with creating support requests.

i will wait, i was wondering something was wrong on my side..thanks

I too am having this issue. Any roadmap visible for the project?

Sorry for the trouble!

It's on Joe's todo list. There's a few things higher in the queue, but it's definitely on our list of things that we plan to fix up.


I'm sure I speak for many silent users when I express a heart-felt thanks for all the hard work being put into this great suite, its just I'm sure there are many of us users who would like an eye on progress without disturbing you too much, so I don't know if you have a public view in the project management software you use or not, but its just an idea.

Keep it up and look forward to more exciting developments.

Hello there,

Meanwhile was there any update on this issue? as creating tickets was simple with this option.

Regards, Rohit

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Submitted by Joe on Sun, 03/27/2016 - 14:56 Pro Licensee

I've been distracted with shopping cart issues, and haven't had a chance to actually dig in on it. But, will try to sort it out soon.

Ok thanks Joe, This would be good to get this sorted as we have support engineers wanting to create tickets and i dont want to create tickets on their behalf :) Let me know if you need anything from side, happy to help with the testing with this issue.

Any update on this bug its been almost 3-4 months, meanwhile i create the issue manually.

Priority: Major » Critical

Sorry, fixing this issue might take some time.

You'll probably need to create issues using the site here for the time being.

some update might be helpful, andrey .. what is that is that is causing the delay in the fix or any other details. I know there are other issues to be fixed, but this was something which was convenient to raise issues with.. i am demotivated to file tickets, everytime i have to logon to to raise issues.

It's unfortunately going to take some time. If you'd like some details on what Joe's up to (ie, what's in the queue before fixing that), Joe posted a nice status update here:

Title: failed with HTTP error : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found » support Tickets Via virtualmin pro: still an issue?

Hello hello people,

May i check if this is already fixed? or still to do :)

Category: Support request » Bug report

Sorry those haven't been fixed yet. I'll make sure Joe knows that you asked about it though!

Thanks, I think this is a pro feature and should be solved :) is there some kind of technical difficulty? or complexity?

Drupal has proven to be very difficult to work with; Joe had gotten it working with Drupal 6, and we all loved how it worked with that.

But Drupal 7 has brought new and interesting challenges for us to handle, one of which is that the server-side module will need to be re-written from scratch in order to get it working in this environment. Which is already somewhat tricky, but we're busy fighting with it to keep things like billing and commenting (also done in Drupal) working properly... which seems like it should work fine once you get it working once, but that turns out not to be the case :-)

Sorry we know that's a feature you and others like -- we haven't forgotten about it!

have you considered wordpress?...:)

We had recently migrated from Drupal 6 to 7.

Prior to doing that, we had considered multiple alternative options, including Wordpress, amongst other things.

In sticking with Drupal, Joe had hoped that the migration process would be simpler and work better, than migrating to another option.

It turns out that's likely untrue :-)

When it's time to migrate again, we'll re-evaluate the options out there, and WordPress is likely to be one of the top contenders.