Virtualmin parses empty text box for a new SSL private key when asked to reuse existing private key.

In Vrtualmin GPL 5.0 : Manage SSL Certificate : Update Certificate and Key, paste an updated SSL certificate, and select the radio button "Keep existing private key".

Clicking on the Install Now button now results in an error message:

Failed to install certificate : Missing or invalid SSL private key : Data does not start with line -----BEGIN (RSA )?PRIVATE KEY-----

Since the key was not being replaced, Virtulmin should not be trying to parse the empty text box for a new private key.



Virtualmin will still try to validate the existing private key file though. Does your existing file start with -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- ?

Indeed, the existing private key is valid. It begins like this:


I'm trying to reproduce this problem and am unable to do so. Maybe it was just user error? I'm not sure.

Maybe the wrong radio button was selected the first time?

No, i double-checked both the radio button and the text entry boxes, several times. Maybe I had used my browser's back button and the wrong text was cached...or maybe the key on disk actually was corrupted at the time. Unfortunately I've lost track of all my actions and I have probably re-installed the SSL certificate and key files too, since then. Sorry for the lack of clarity in this report.