adding alias and forward to another email address creates error

Failed to save alias : Missing or invalid alias name (no @ should be included)

Call Stack Trace

File Line Function
/usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/save_alias.cgi 40 WebminCore::error
(eval 74) 6 (eval)
/usr/share/webmin/ 2386 (eval)
/usr/share/webmin/ 914 miniserv::handle_request



Actually this happens when you edit an existing alias

Is this on the aliases list accessed via the "Edit Mail Aliases" link on the left menu?

Hmm I'm not getting emails that my tickets have been answered anymore


You may have to re-enabled notifications on the website.

I wasn't able to repro your original problem though. When you edit an alias, is there an @ in the alias name textbox?