Cloudmin and Authentic

Install script forces to virtual-server-theme over authentic still on install.

yum install -y webmin wbm-server-manager wbt-virtual-server-theme wbt-virtual-server-mobile wbm-security-updates && yum install -y wbm-cloudmin-services

# Configure Webmin to use theme
echo Configuring Webmin ..
grep -v "^preroot=" /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf >/tmp/miniserv.conf.$$
echo preroot=virtual-server-theme >>/tmp/miniserv.conf.$$
cat /tmp/miniserv.conf.$$ >/etc/webmin/miniserv.conf
rm -f /tmp/miniserv.conf.$$
grep -v "^theme=" /etc/webmin/config >/tmp/config.$$
echo theme=virtual-server-theme >>/tmp/config.$$
cat /tmp/config.$$ >/etc/webmin/config
rm -f /tmp/config.$$
echo .. done
echo ""


Mostly expected, as the Authentic theme still needs a bit of work to fully support Cloudmin.