letsencrypt certficate validation for mail.domain.com

Please have a look at the Parent issue it resolves the issue of creating a mail.domain.com certificate.

See screenshot for SSL keychain containing www.domain.com domain.com and mail.domain.com


Code submitted in parent issue enables creation of mail.domain.com valid cert for accessing mail hosts via IMAPS, POP3S, SMTPS.

Just want to make sure this one doesn't slip through the cracks. I couldn't re-assign like it was possible in previous issue tracker. Not sure what the proper procedure is. Please forgive if this is not proper procedure. You can nuke if you consider it a dupe.



FYI, in the next Webmin / Virtualmin releases you'll have a lot more control over exactly which domains are in the Let's Encrypt certificate.

Hi I'm running the latest stable Virtualmin GPL and this issue still seems to exist, when trying to add Let's Encrypt for mail. www. and mydomain.com I get:

Failed to request certificate : Failed to open PID file

I'm on Ubuntu 16.04.

Can anyone confirm if I just amend/add the code from that parent issue if it fixes things for GPL too? Will this be added in the next release etc? Thanks again.