Backup encryption in GPL

I was wondering if there were any plans to migrate encrypted backups to the GPL version as other features have migrated from pro to GPL. If this isn't part of the plans would it be possible to implement a stripped down version in the GPL version? Maybe just one key pair or only supporting encryption on a backup of all domains/features? Something for people just running Virtualmin on personal systems to manage a couple domains.

I think we should be encouraging all users to back up, especially with the availably of low-cost on demand storage from any number of openstack or s3 like providers, but these kinds of "public" storage IMHO demand encryption in the same way the community is pushing encrypted transmission like with lets encrypt we should be pushing for encrypted storage as well.

As a side question does incremental backup work with encryption and does it require keeping a copy of the full backups on the local server to compare files or is the system smart enough to compare the files in a different way?



Howdy -- many Pro features often do work their way into the GPL version, though we haven't discussed moving this particular one yet.

Note that with the recent pricing changes of Virtualmin 5 and the new website, a Virtualmin 10 is available for only $6/month now :-)

Alternatively, what you could do in the meantime is perform a backup to a local directory, then create a script that encrypts your backups each night, and uploads them to a remote service.

We'll discuss moving that feature into the GPL version, but that may be down the road a bit still.

The full and incremental backups are both created the same way -- the only difference in the case of encryption, is that the final archive is then encrypted after it's created.

So it's no problem to encrypt incremental backups, as what to backup is decided before the encryption is performed.